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What!! Bulged Trunnion Receivers?

April 16, 2017


In early April the long awaited and much anticipated M70 receiver blanks became an available product offering from the ReCreator Blanks store. The release is the first of several new styles that are being manufactured in house from the heavy wall sheet steel. The great success of this offering was not only overcoming the design challenges but also in realizing that in short order we could have a product for every style and type of Ak variant imaginable. 


Romanian AK47 Blanks

 January, 2014


Finally at long last the new blanks designed after the Romanian receivers are completed. Lots of time and effort went into getting the magwell dimples to look and measure perfect and I'm extremely pleased with how they came out. There are many small detail changes that add up to a very authentic blank. 

It seems like the production process is smoothing out for us as well, were getting things dialed in better and better and there is less missteps and stressing out. I attribute that to the fact that we've done it before and we know we will get it right in time. When the AK74 blanks were being developed it was one of the most difficult times of my life.. so many different tools are needed to produce blanks through our method. And there was no way to see and check the final product until the last part was put into the last operation. Many times entire die sets had to be scraped out or reworked. Sometimes I think back and wonder if I had to do it all over again could I? But when I read the feedback from my customers I know it was all worth it.  



Drill  Fixture (Update) 

January, 2014

Just so everybody knows.. the drill fixture we sell will work for any of the blanks we currently sell. If ever in the future we get into M70/RPK or Chinese blanks we will make a different base plate available that will easily let you widen the fixture.

I decided not to incorporate underfolder or sidefolder plates into the drill fixture. However I will make some scribe plates up that will help with the layout of of the hole pattern.   

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