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For the past few months Ive been workng on ways to improve the quality of the parts coming out of the heat treatment process. The greatest success came when we began using fixturing in the heat treating oven. The warping was reduced and Blanks could now be put into a hot oven without the gradual ramp up. However the fixtures themselves began deteriorating and warping after being used. So then the question became what else can be done save the fixtures? The solution was to start doing the heat treatment in Salt.

Salt bath heat treating is a process where the parts are submerged in superheated salts that are in moltened form. The Salt itself packs itself around the parts and keeps the warping down. The parts that go through this process will have a bluish tint as apposed to the oil quenched parts that look more brown in color.

With the fixturing and the salt bath heat trreatment process the parts are looking better than ever and now that the bugs have been worked out all RecReator Blanks that require heat treat are going to be done in this process. We've already started to make the transition and some of you may have noticed the blue parts in your orders.

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