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Want to Build a Krinkov?

Have you always wanted to have your own Krinkov? Were you deterred by outrageous pricing and limited parts availability?

If you answered Yes to the above questions, then Recreator's new line of parts and parts kits for the AKS74U style firearm is sure to please you. Using these new offerings, you can easily construct your own badass new toy without breaking the bank.

Let's break down this little blaster cost wise and see where it falls.

First the parts you can get from Recreator currently:

  1. Krinkov Barrel $200

  2. Combo Block $100

  3. Lower Handguard Retainer $65

  4. Receiver $140

  5. Bolt $90

  6. Trunnion $85

Next some parts that you can find at

Furniture from

Modernization accessories from Carolina Shooters Supply

Grand total comes to $1615 for all the major stuff. Also, there are some other small pins and springs we forgot to list but can be picked up a kvar. And of course, you will need the trigger group of your choice. All together for that price... especially considering what has been seen in recent years this build is very attractive.

Some other things to consider

Bolt carrier is the most expensive item on this list however it's important to use a reduced neck carrier otherwise you will experience some level of interference issues. ReCreator is working on a solution that will further reduce the costs of this sort of build. For the machine shop savvy, you can chuck a normal AKM carrier in a lathe between centers and turn it down that works too. However, you'll still need a short gas piston.

All Krinkov barrel components for stamped guns are the same. Milled guns use a hinge block with a larger journal diameter. Any of Recreator's Hinge blocks, Lower handguard retainers and combo blocks will be correct for a 5.45 or 5.56 build as well.


Krinkov's are rising in popularity for the American shooter. Several firearms producers have been clamoring to get them to market all throughout 2023. This is both a good and bad thing. Good because it brings the price point down. And bad because it brings the quality baseline down.

The team at Recreator is committed to bringing you the most affordable and high-quality Krinkov kits the world has ever seen. Stay tuned for more updates, things are happening very fast and every day there is new Devlopment's.


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