Barrel Population Components

Gas Blocks, Sight Blocks, Lower Handguard Retainers and all parts that are related to the AK barrel assembly.

AK Building Tools

Specially designed tools for AK building. Drill fixtures, Press plates.

Finished Receivers (FFL Required)

All finished receivers typically ship within 2 weeks!

Finished AK pattern firearm receivers featuring country specific details. These have been built from the ground up with consideration given to even the smallest details. All of our receivers are made from Certified USA 4130 material and properly heat treated before welding.

All FFL receivers are built to order!

For the quickest turnaround time, please read before placing your order:

  • No cyrillic font for serial numbers
  • All custom serial requests must have a number somewhere, it cannot be strictly letters. If you submit a serial request without any numbers one will be placed in for you.
  • Unless the FFL holder is placing the order, make your billing & shipping address SEPARATE. Put your desired FFL's address as the shipping address.
  • In order to speed up production of 100% receivers you MUST attach a valid FFL in the box, if you do not have it follow this link.

Value Added Services

This is the section where you are able to pay for custom work previously discussed.