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New Year New Products!

Necessity is the mother of invention, and with the amount of Blanks being scrapped due to warping.. This fixture was long over due.

AK Heat Treating Fixture 1


The major problem with heat treating any long skinny sheet metal part is keeping the warp out, as the blanks are dipped into the quenching fluid the unsupported opened topside will become the problem area.

Even with proper Pre-heating and careful adherance to procedures, 1 in 5 Blanks were deemed unexceptable because of warping. This fixture design has virtually eliminated scrap pieces and done so without even requiring any pre-heating of the parts!

The fixture's inner section prevents the middle from crushing in and it's outer section insures the sides can't bow out.

AK Heat Treating Fixture 4
AK Heat Treating Fixture5

The entire assembly is vented to allow as much of the quenching fluid as possible to quickly contact the steel.

AK Heat Treating Fixture 2
AK Heat Treating Fixture 3

Look for this and many other tool additions to become availble this year.

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