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Out of the frying pan, into the fire

Maybe it’s time to finally introduce myself…..Hi, I’m Ashley. If you’ve reached out to ReCreator in the past month or so, chances are we’ve already spoken, you just didn't know it ;). It's very exciting to have the privilege of working under the fearless leader Matt Durden as he shows the ropes of this fast paced and exciting realm of the AK world. With a job such as this one, there’s certainly a steep learning curve, but every second is enjoyable. As the Marketing Manager of this quickly growing company, how can you not enjoy the challenges every day brings?! Let’s talk a little bit about the biggest challenge so far, SHOT SHOW!!!!!!!!! Yes you read that correctly, you will be seeing ReCreator Blanks at Shot Show 2021 in Las Vegas (Pending Pandemic, lol). Planning this event for ReCreator Blanks will byfar be the biggest challenge yet, there’s lots to consider. While there won't be any big secrets given away just yet, there can definitely be an inside look at what is being planned. As always, the biggest priority is YOU, the customer. So let’s paint a brief picture at the planning. While it is still months away time is moving quickly, and in today's world you can never be too prepared (no need to explain that to you guys). As first timers, the biggest concern is simply making ReCreator’s presence known and hopefully seeing a few of you there. There will be some goodies being given away and maybe some sneak peaks about what ReCreator has coming, as well as letting you get some hands-on exposure with the products. This is BIG, get excited. You’ll also get to see some of the secrets that are currently in the works. For now, the focus is on what the booth will look like and how to display some of the finest ReCreator products.. Get ready to look for lots of black and red and some cool things hanging from the wall;). ReCreator is ambitious and motivated to say the least, and there is much more in store to be excited about. In the meantime, a big thank you is in order to all those that have reached out over the past month, especially those who have sent compliments our way about how good the new website looks, or about the efforts that have been put forward into turning customer service around. The kindness and understanding has been overwhelming, this is appreciated more than you know. ReCreator LOVES hearing from you, and now more than ever ReCreator is dedicated to becoming the largest U.S made non-standard parts supplier. Oh and the creation of goodies, be sure to look out for those :)

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