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Tips for the perfect Side Folder

Let’s talk side folders. For this particular blog we’ll be focusing on the 5.5mm military side folders.

In its original form, it should look like this:

Lately we've been seeing lots of forum discussions about why their side folder isn't fitting properly. It may look something like this shown below.

Luckily, there's an easy explanation for why this is happening, and it's a relatively simple fix.

Below is a side by side of the original (front) and the completed one (back) that is ready for placement.

Like anything else, it requires a little bit of work to make sure you're getting just the right placement on these. It is extremely important that you chamfer both top sides and the top to ensure a proper fit.

This allows for the folder to be properly molded into the receiver and makes for a snug fit.

Below are some side by side photos of what it should look like before and after. On the left is the completed one and on the right is the original.

Pictured below are the tops, (right) is completed and left is original

Once the chamfer has been completed, it should fit beautifully as shown in the picture below.

It's quite a difference from the photo in the beginning.

Hopefully this short explanation helps you on your future builds!


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