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What's the Difference Between these Side Folders Trunnions Anyways?

by ReCreator Blanks

July 17, 2023

When purchasing a side folder trunnion, you should make sure that you know the difference between a 5.5 mm Commercial and 5.5 mm Military trunnion (plus a 4.5 mm if need be). Here is what happens when you end up using the wrong trunnion:

As you can see, the 5.5 mm Commercial trunnion installed in a 5.5 mm Military receiver blank will not align correctly.

However, when the 5.5 mm Military trunnion is installed in the 5.5 mm Commercial receiver blank, everything is aligned properly. Now you may be wondering, "How do I tell apart these side folder trunnions?"

Let's take a closer look at these small but significant differences.


On the left, we have the 5.5 mm Commercial trunnion that was used in the examples above. With these trunnions, they tend to have a grayer hue than the Military trunnions.

This cutout is also a tell-tale sign that you have a 5.5 Commercial trunnion.


On the right, we have the 5.5 Military trunnion. Unlike their brother Commercial trunnion, they present a deeper, blacker tone.


The 4.5 mm will of course, have a 4.5 mm pin.

Hopes this give you a better understanding of these Side Folder Trunnions.

You can purchase yours today at!


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